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How to Identify PAD Symptoms

At CiC our highly skilled team of endovascular specialists work closely with referring physicians and patients to deliver the best care possible.

Complete Our PAD Symptoms Checklist

1. Do your legs and/or feet ever feel numb?
2. Do you ever have a burning pain in your legs and/or feet?
3. Do your legs hurt, get tired, or cramp when you walk?
4. Do your legs hurt, get tired, or cramp when you walk?
5. Are your feet always cold in bed at night?
6. Does it hurt when the sheets touch your skin?
7. Do you have sores on your legs or feet that won’t heal?
8. Do you think you have neuropathy?
9. Are your symptoms worse at night?
10. Do your feet look blue or purple?

Meet Your Expert Utah Team

Joel R. Rainwater, MD
Joel R. Rainwater, MD

Endovascular Specialist

Ryan G. O’Hara, MD
Ryan G. O’Hara, MD

Endovascular Specialist