What Is Peripheral
Artery Disease (P.A.D.)?

Peripheral arterial disease or PAD is a whole-body disease that’s manifested in the legs. It’s a buildup of cholesterol plaque in the peripheral arteries of the body, which are found in the arms, legs, hands and feet.

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Treatment for PAD
If you fail to seek treatment for PAD, you run the risk of losing your foot or leg. The first line of treatment for PAD is managing your symptoms and improving your health so that the atherosclerosis (plaque) does not progress. This usually involves lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising. Medication may also be prescribed.

For more advanced cases of PAD, a minimally invasive procedure can be done in a CiC facility. Patients are home within hours and back to everyday activities with almost no downtime, no stitches and no overnight hospital stay. Medicare as well as most insurance plans will cover treatment.

One of CiC’s endovascular specialists will perform the procedure where they go into the bloodstream to find the blockage with imaging guidance. Then they remove the blockage with small tools that can go into the smallest arteries. When the blockage is removed, blood flow is restored, and healing can begin.

We are committed to helping our patients get the most out of life. If you suffer from PAD or think your symptoms might be related to poor circulation, call for an appointment today.

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